By Virginia Beck

the-four-seasonsThe winds of change are always unsettling, disturbing us and upsetting our plans. For us on Kaua‘i, we are used to having to adapt to the weather, and change our daily routines to accommodate wind, rain and sunshine — not to mention the ocean conditions.

On our Pacific frontier island, we are out here amidst the ocean deeps and the amazing shifts of wind and weather. Weather forces from far away, blow about the globe, and here we are in the middle of it all. The Hawaiian archipelago is a blessed miracle. Here, under the blazing sun, we are gifted with rain, water to nourish us all, plants, people and other living creatures. We are truly the fortunate islands.

Hawai‘i is water wealthy, especially Kaua‘i. Even if we grumble a bit, we know how valuable and necessary it is. So we all help each other to prepare for whatever comes, be it storms, or for picnics and parties in our sunny beaches. A community, a family, an ‘ohana, a group of people who work and play together and support each other.

During times of change we hui together and provide helping hands and support.

To me, the real beauty of Kaua‘i is her people and the way they help each other, naturally looking out for visitors and strangers, helping them find what they need. The chance encounters with people from all walks of life; every nationality, tourists, visiting families,

Honeymooners. Here, you will meet people from all over the globe, every culture.

How interesting it is that we all make plans, forgetting they are always interrupted and altered. So we plan for whatever may come: back to school, luaus, jobs, getting promoted or learning new skills; never, ever really thinking our lives could be changed in a single second, and our plans might not unfold exactly the way we thought they would.

When our plans are halted or we encounter obstacles, we always seem surprised. What? What! How could this happen? We still believe in a world we control, at least in our imagination.

Isn’t it funny we each think our plan is the one will actually happen?

There are at least 7.2 billion people out there thinking the same thing. The chances of our one life plan going exactly the way we thought are pretty small. It is mostly through fortunate accident our hard work, diligent attentions, and dreams turn out the way we thought. That and a supportive community.

Sometimes the obstacles turn us in a new direction. Hawaiians know that when you are in the rip current, you don’t fight it. You go with it and try to direct your flow to a more desirable spot. It may take you to a delightful new adventure.

Kaua‘i often frustrates visitors and newcomers because things are not like on the Mainland. We do things differently here; and that is the magic of it. The chance to try new things, to get lost and find a beautiful country road and old houses. To wind up at an entirely different restaurant, and try completely new food. To meet people you would never have met if your original plan worked out.

Virginia Beck

Virginia Beck

Surrender doesn’t come easily. Most of my life, God has dragged me kicking and screaming toward my good, with me saying, “Wait, this isn’t what I planned!” As I develop some small wisdom, I now can say, “Here we go again!”

If you can embrace the change, like any current, you can use the energy to push you onward in your life journey and see and learn more than you could ever have imagined.

You are surfing the waves in the ocean of life.

And no matter what, you are on Kaua‘i, the jewel of the planet. That is an amazing accomplishment, big enough for a lifetime.

  • Virginia Beck, NP and Certified Trager® Practitioner, offers Wellness Consultation, Trager Psychophysical Integration and teaches Malama Birth Training classes. She can be reached at 635-5618.

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