To promote environmental health and safety on the job throughout Kaua`i’s business community, the Office of Continuing Education and Training (OCET) at Kaua`i Community College has established the Institute for Environmental Health and Safety offering quality education and training in HazMat, HazWOPER, Hazard Awareness and Communication, Confined Space Entry and Safety, Proper Decontamination Procedures and other OSHA and EPA topics.   The program’s Instructor, Daniel Erickson, holds training certification from the National Partnership for Environmental Technology Education (PETE).  He has also taught biodiesel and ladder safety courses for the College.   Classes begin mid Fall.  For more information about the trainings, contact 245-8318, email ocet@hawaii.edu or go to kauai.hawaii.edu/training.  

On an island, where land space is limited and where the workforce and economic development are tightly interconnected and dependent upon one another, occupational safety and the proper handling of hazardous materials are critical. For this reason, all businesses—from new to established—and from small to large will receive the same level of training.  “We are on to something here that’s important to the island.” said Bruce Getzan, OCET Director.  

PETE facilitates partnerships with education, industry and government, and serves to provide quality education and training to build an informed and viable environmental “green” workforce.   It supports and teaches the use of sustainable practices and technologies in workforce and economic development and global competitiveness to meet the demands of a greening economy.  “The training is a timely right fit for a community like Kaua`i that values and advocates personal, occupational, and local and global environmental health and wellbeing,” said Getzan.

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