By Samantha Fox Olson

IMG_8162I train women all over the globe, giving them the exact strategy they uniquely require to reach their personal fitness goals.

And although my clients range in greatly in their ages, current skill level, body types and personal goals, I still ask every client the exact same question at the beginning of each call, “What are you celebrating in right now? What breakthroughs have you experienced in these past two weeks (we connect on the phone or Skype every two weeks) that we can celebrate in together today?”

I believe that celebrating in the smaller achievements that are moving us in the direction of our bigger dreams is critical to our success, longevity and happiness. I have seen it work for countless clients, and I know it can work for you too!

When was the last time you celebrated in your small successes? When was the last time you had someone at your side authentically celebrating in your achievements?

If you answered “daily” or “often” there is no doubt you are a living as with the belief that you are a successful individual, and you have what it takes to dare to dream big and go for it!

Yet, truth be told, it can be easier for many people to be oblivious from their small breakthroughs because they are so focused on where they have not yet accomplished.

Let me give you an example. If someone has a goal to lose 20 pounds of fat, yet has only dropped two pounds, it may feel very little progress has been made if the focus is 100 percent on the 18 pounds that still must be shed.

If we are constantly focusing on what has not yet been achieved, (18 pounds still to go) we can become discouraged. The feeling of not being good enough to accomplish our goals can creep in and the energy behind what we are capable of diminishes.

But, with a simple shift in our mind set and focus, we can transform that energy into something greater. By putting attention onto what has been working, by celebrating in the smaller breakthroughs along the way, we can create a fun, effortless momentum and energy that inspires us to continue forth with a spring in our step and exuberant faith in our success.

Celebrating in your own smaller breakthroughs starts with your perspective expanding. Let me share with you some of the exact things my online clients have celebrated with me on our two-week accountability and strategy calls:

  • “I have stayed consistent and have not missed one workout!”
  • “I feel firmer!”
  • “I noticed that it was easy for me to ride my bike up the hill that use to be very difficult for me to get up.”
  • “I am aware of muscles that I didn’t know I had.”
  • “I am more conscious of my posture and alignment in my day to day life.”
  • “I speak to myself more lovingly.”
  • “I have been letting go of fear and am more connected to my body.”
  • “I have not experienced any pain in my back at all.”
  • “I feel strong and supported.”
  • “I am up to being able to do five push ups and before I was at zero!”
  • “I held a handstand at the wall for one minute!”
  • “I am down two dress sizes and found a new pair of shorts that look amazing!”
Samantha Fox Olson

Samantha Fox Olson

It is so fun to acknowledge someone who has showed up fully for their bodies, their health and their fitness, and have put all past excuses aside. It is a joy to share in someone’s stepping stones of success that are leading them towards their dreams and higher good.

Because my clients know that our calls open in this way they are training more than their bodies with me on the daily. They are training their mind set too. They are opening their perspective to look for these small yet truly potent breakthroughs, and to recognize them as the gifts that they truly are. This allows them to live in a light of optimism and effortless momentum.

What are you celebrating in today?

  • Samantha Fox Olson teaches yoga and fitness classes, private lessons and retreats on the North Shore of Kaua‘i as well as online to a global audience. Visit for more information and follow her at




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