Ron Wiley — KONG Radio

Ron Wiley

Ron Wiley

If you have listened to the radio on Kaua‘i, chances are you have heard Ron Wiley’s voice. The morning personality of KONG Radio, Wiley says “good morning” live on air each day at 5 a.m.

Also serving KONG Radio as the program and music director, Wiley handles multiple responsibilities with poise and a smile. His positive attitude is contagious in the station and on air.

“Everyone has a personality, I just get paid to have one,” Wiley said. “This is a great job if you like people and music.”

Throughout the morning hours, he balances live calls and music, and keeps up with what is going on around Kaua‘i.

Next month, he will reach 48 years in radio, with 26 of those at KONG. To keep things interesting throughout the years, Wiley has broadcasted live on various Friday the 13 in a shark cage, from the wing of a plane, skydiving and buried alive under two tons of dirt for six hours.

“I feel like I am called to serve the public, and that is what I am here for,” he said.

Henry Panui — Magic Carpet Cleaning

Henry Panui

Henry Panui

Henry Panui, owner of Magic Carpet Cleaning, makes an honest living while still saving time to enjoy life with his family.

Magic Carpet Cleaning is a high-quality carpet cleaning service operated under Panui’s leadership. The cleaning service offers homeowners a way to get their floors looking their best at an affordable cost. Since Panui values flexibility and great customer service, Magic Carpet Cleaning books cleaning appointments to best suit his clients’ schedule, and the results are impeccable.

“Before and after results are night and day,” Panui said about the outcome of his services.

For him, the greatest part of owning his business is the freedom that comes with it.

“I make a living for my family, and I still have time to play,” said Panui, who loves surfing and is usually tearing waves apart on the Eastside. “I also love getting to go all over the island to meet all different people.”

Panui said he is dedicated to giving his all in everything he does, whether it is guaranteeing quality service at Magic Carpet Cleaning, surfing or keeping up with personal relationships among his friends and family.

Contact Magic Carpet Cleaning at 292-0389.

Evan Valiere — Surf Instructor

Evan Valiere

Evan Valiere

Pro surfer Evan Valiere converts his passion for surfing into a successful career. As the owner and instructor at Hanalei Surf School, he is dedicated to providing a fun environment for beginners wanting to learn how to surf and stand-up paddleboard.

Serving all ages, from 5 years to 65 years, Valiere focuses on each individual’s needs to ensure they receive the best attention to yield high improvement and big results.

“This is totally natural for me,” Valiere said. “I have been surfing my whole life, and it is really amazing to be able to share my passion with my customers.”

People of various skill levels and abilities come out to Hanalei Surf School to experience first hand the joys of the ocean through surfing and standup paddle boarding. No prior experience is required.

The business is fun. Introducing the art of surfing to beginners is the most rewarding part of Valiere’s job. He said it is never too late to learn how to surf, and encourages all to check out Hanalei Surf School for a day of fun in the water for all ages.

Visit or call 826-9283 for more information.

Robert Wintner — Snorkel Bob’s

Robert Wintner

Robert Wintner

Robert Wintner, owner of Snorkel Bob’s Snorkeling Gear and Hawaiian Activities, is dedicated to providing high-quality, eco-friendly ocean fun at little to no expense to the environment.

Snorkel Bob’s is a recreation outfitter supplying water gear and activities, including snorkeling and helicopter tours, Zip lining, luaus and more. Wintner said he prides himself on operating a company known all over the world for fairness and honesty.

“We do not just advertise at Snorkel Bob’s. We deliver,” Wintner said of his dedication to high-quality service.

As a business relying on the ocean as home base for most activities, Snorkel Bob’s focuses on extreme ocean and reef conservation.

The company no longer sells fish food, after finding out its harmful effects on the reef. Also, Snorkle Bob’s does not sell sunscreen. Instead, customers can purchase 100 percent UV-protection sunblock shirts and head covering. Plastic packaging is minimized whenever possible.

Wintner feels strongly the ocean is a delicate and precious resource that can be enjoyed only under strict precautions to keep the reef protected and functioning naturally without negative human impact.

Visit or call 742-2206 in Koloa or 823-9433 in Kapa‘a for more information.

Dean Iglay — Site Manager, Sun Village

Dean Iglay

Dean Iglay

Dean Iglay, site manager at Sun Village in Lihu‘e, knows the importance of working hard while enjoying life with his family in a beautiful and healthy environment. After receiving a job offer on Kaua’i last year, Iglay and his family moved to the Garden Isle from their hometown of Spring Lake, New Jersey.

As the site manager of a senior-citizen community, he has made a lasting impression. Iglay oversees maintenance staff, coordinates any contractors who need to work on the property, administers the payroll, budgeting and more.

“My job never gets boring because there are so many roles to fill. This is my favorite part,” Iglay said.

Beyond his outlined responsibilities, Iglay goes above and beyond to extend kindness to fellow staff as well as the residents on the property.

“It has been really rewarding to be able to form relationships with the residents,” Iglay said.

He stresses the importance of living a happy life, so he makes it his job to ensure Sun Village is an enjoyable place to live.

Andrew Doughty — The Ultimate Kaua‘i Guidebook

Andrew DoughtyAndrew Doughty, publisher of The Ultimate Kaua‘i Guidebook, is dedicated to making his readers’ experience on the island as enjoyable as possible. The guidebook outlines various activities around the island.

Inspired by the great opportunity to share with visitors the things that will allow them make the most out of their time on the island, Doughty takes pleasure in his job.

“Readers write to me up to a year in advance, planning and dreaming of their precious trip to Hawai‘i,” Doughty said. “Their time is so limited, that if I can be a part of them getting the most out of their dream trip, telling them what’s great and what to avoid, it fulfills my mission.”

Living on Kaua‘i for 22 years, he has become an expert on the island. He hopes to make visitors love the island as much as he has, and so far, he has been successful.

Doughty has written books to all the major Hawaiian Islands throughout the years as well. Along with The Ultimate Kaua‘i Guidebook, there is also Maui Revealed, O‘ahu Revealed and Hawai‘i The Big Island Revealed.


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