Ron Wiley — KONG Radio

Ron Wiley

Ron Wiley

If you have listened to the radio on Kaua‘i, chances are you have heard Ron Wiley’s voice. The morning personality of KONG Radio, Wiley says “good morning” live on air each day at 5 a.m.

Also serving KONG Radio as the program and music director, Wiley handles multiple responsibilities with poise and a smile. His positive attitude is contagious in the station and on air.

“Everyone has a personality, I just get paid to have one,” Wiley said. “This is a great job if you like people and music.”

Throughout the morning hours, he balances live calls and music, and keeps up with what is going on around Kaua‘i.

Next month, he will reach 48 years in radio, with 26 of those at KONG. To keep things interesting throughout the years, Wiley has broadcasted live on various Friday the 13 in a shark cage, from the wing of a plane, skydiving and buried alive under two tons of dirt for six hours.

“I feel like I am called to serve the public, and that is what I am here for,” he said.

Henry Panui — Magic Carpet Cleaning

Henry Panui

Henry Panui

Henry Panui, owner of Magic Carpet Cleaning, makes an honest living while still saving time to enjoy life with his family.

Magic Carpet Cleaning is a high-quality carpet cleaning service operated under Panui’s leadership. The cleaning service offers homeowners a way to get their floors looking their best at an affordable cost. Since Panui values flexibility and great customer service, Magic Carpet Cleaning books cleaning appointments to best suit his clients’ schedule, and the results are impeccable.

“Before and after results are night and day,” Panui said about the outcome of his services.

For him, the greatest part of owning his business is the freedom that comes with it.

“I make a living for my family, and I still have time to play,” said Panui, who loves surfing and is usually tearing waves apart on the Eastside. “I also love getting to go all over the island to meet all different people.”

Panui said he is dedicated to giving his all in everything he does, whether it is guaranteeing quality service at Magic Carpet Cleaning, surfing or keeping up with personal relationships among his friends and family.

Contact Magic Carpet Cleaning at 292-0389.

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