By Samantha Fox Olson

IMG_8247Think of a time when you were really kicking ass and taking names in any particular area of your life. Consider how much you were learning at that time. Feel into the energy of transformation and growth at that time. Exciting, right? There is ease there. There is motivation there. Inspiration is alive there and it feels empowering.

Who was supporting you at that time? Who were those paramount pillars assisting you at that rock-star level? Take a moment and hear the answers.

Now, think of a time when you were struggling in any particular area. Feel into the energy. Frustration, doubt, defeat and fear are probably some of the influences that were part of this reality.

Who was supporting you at this time of struggle? Who was guiding you and coaching your way?

I bet the answers to the different scenarios are night-and-day. And hopefully, your answers are quite insightful.

These are great questions to ponder because no one purposefully chooses to feel incapable of reaching their goals, to feel like a failure or to struggle where there can be ease and enthusiasm. These questions will help you to make a powerful shift.

When I look back at times where I was “kicking ass and taking names” — I can go back to my competitive gymnastics days, starting my online business, my body building competition last year and even where I am right now — and see what all of these things have in common: I had a coach mapping out and supporting my dreams and desires!

I had a coach who I respected, I could learn from and I trusted to help me to get to where I wanted to be.

I am blessed to look back and see the wealth of coaches, teachers and mentors who have supported me in becoming who I am. I am also grateful for those who are in my life now, assisting me in becoming more of who I can be!

On the other hand, when I take a look at what kind of support, coaching or mentorship I had when I experienced great struggle and frustration, I see I had none. And this is pretty universal, my friends.

I am not saying that you can’t accomplish your greatest goals without a coach — whether it is looking good in a bikini, hiking Kalalau or having a loving and passionate relationship.

But this is one thing I know for sure. If you want to get to where you want to be in record time, if you prefer to take the fast lane to epic results, just like me, seek out and learn from those who have what you want.

Put away those excuses saying you have to do it all alone. Throw out those beliefs that say you just aren’t good enough or you have missed the boat. Incinerate those lame thoughts focusing on why you can’t have the best coach possible right now, and focus on how you can!

 Samanta Fox Olson

Samanta Fox Olson

A coach will help you excel in ways that you may not even have considered before. Ask yourself some of these questions when looking for potential coaches:

Are they living the life you wish to live? Are they resonating with an attractive and inspiring energy? What are their clients saying? What are their results with others? How do you feel while in their care? Do they inspire you to take massive action? Do they genuinely care about your highest good?

In case you’re asking if I have a coach, the answer is YES. I have a couple coaches in a couple different areas of my life right now. I say YES to receiving the support required in getting to where I want to go faster. Why putter in the slow lane when you can be accelerating toward your best body and life ever?

  • Samantha Fox Olson teaches yoga and fitness classes, private lessons and retreats on the North Shore of Kaua‘i as well as online to a global audience. Visit for more information and follow her at

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