The American flag, emblem of our Great Country, is a precious symbol of our ideals of Justice, Freedom and Democracy.  When on display at public functions, we pledge our allegiance to demonstrate our respect and devotion.


When faded, worn, tattered and torn, our flags must be retired from further service with respect and dignity.  The proper retirement of such flags is one of the missions of the American Legion, a volunteer civilian organization of veterans who have served our country in all branches of our military .

Each June, on Flag Day, American Legion Post 54, Kapaa, along with Boy and Girl Scouts, conduct a solemn ceremony during which these worn out flags are honorably cremated in accordance with Federal law.  4 U.S.C., Ch 1, Sec. 8(k).

For your convenience and to facilitate your disposal of unserviceable flags, Post 54 has provided a Flag Drop to collect and store them until Flag Day.  The collection box is located at the front of the Kauai Veterans Center, across from Lihue Airport.

Please demonstrate your patriotism by partnering with us in the proper disposal of your worn out flags.  Mahalo!

Jim Jung , Chaplin, American Legion, Post 54, Kapaa

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