Indy Reeves makes crepes at Gopal’s Creperie.

Indy Reeves makes crepes at Gopal’s Creperie. Photo by Anne E. O’Malley

Gopal’s Creperie

How do you like your crepe? For Indy and Gadhai Reeves, it’s got to be vegan, gluten-free and utterly delicious — whether sweet or savory — and filled with such finger-lickin’ good items as pineapple honey ginger with Kunana chevre, or homemade macadamia nut butter with apple banana and honey.

That’s just the start of the menu selection for Gopal’s Creperie, the mobile crepery this couple owns and operates. The pair are Hare Krishnas, says Indy, adding, “One of the terms that one of our gurus uses to refer to our tradition is that it’s a ‘kitchen religion.’

“This for us is more than just a business,” she continues. “This for us is part of our spiritual or devotional service.”

Whether at the Hanapepe Friday Night Festival & Art Walk, or at the Kaua`i Community College Saturday Market, Indy pumps out crepes by the order. Only the best and locally grown ingredients will do.

Shopping at local farmers markets, Indy buys her ingredients from Wooten’s Farm, Kaua`i Kunana Farm, Cy’s bananas, Uncle Mikey’s Honey and Rainbow Garden Sprouts. And she hangs a sign informing customers of that fact.

It was Gadhai who had the idea for the creperie. Says Indy, “One of his friends from many years ago had a creperie, there were no gluten-free crepes here, so it was a niche we found and we’re happy to fill.”

Gadhai’s specialty is kombucha, a tonic made from a bacterial yeast that Indy says has been used for centuries as a tonic that people have found helpful for digestion, bodily aches and to use topically, among other things. The pair sell it from their booth.

“I call him the kombucha master,” says Indy. “He’s been making kombucha for 15 years.

“He’s refined the brewing process. We serve it at its peak.”

She adds, “We hear people say often, ‘This is the best kombucha we’ve ever tasted.’ We have four different blends with ingredients and herbs that give unique flavors as well as benefits — we offer free samples.”

As for her own talents, Indy says she can recall as a young child staring at her hands and knowing she would one day use them for her work. A former massage therapist, she says she did use them, in healing work, for almost a decade.

Now, she infuses her crepes with her energy and says, “In the crepes, a huge ingredient is love, and I think people can taste that.”

Having a mobile creperie is just plain fun, says Indy.

“Being set up at farmers markets, I just love it. It’s the gathering for the community. When you do what you love, it’s not work, it’s life.”

Gopal’s Creperie is available as a vendor for fundraising events. For information, call 808.635.2164 or visit online at

Latest from Gopal’s Creperie: We are transitioning to a larger production — click here to check out our Facebook page for the latest developments before heading to find us at the KCC Saturday Market for crêpes.

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