In Focus Heiva I Kaua`i

///In Focus Heiva I Kaua`i

In Focus Heiva I Kaua`i

The 12th Annual Heiva I Kaua`i Iaorana Tahiti was August 3 and 4 at Kapa`a Beach Park. This international Tahitian dance and drumming competition featured competition and exhibition performances of Otea, Aparima and Ahupurotu dances on both days.

IF1: Ejalyn Rita of Kapa`a

IF2: Margaret Lovett of Kapa`a

IF3: First Place women’s age 16 to 18: Naomi Baldomero of Halau Te Vai Ura Nui in O`ahu

IF4: Toa and Zaccgarys Uta of Te Vai Ura Mua in O`ahu

IF5: Mike Drake of the Michael Drake Family Fire Dancers of Kaua`i

IF6: Michael Drake Family Fire Dancers: Emmsley-James, Michael-Allan, Mike and Kaylynn

IF7: Drummer Michael Mariteragi of O`ahu

IF8: First place award winning drummers of Halau Ori Uvira of Kaua`i

IF9: Award winning dancers of Halau Ori Uvira of Kaua`i


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