Incumbent Kauai County Council Members:

  • Tim Bynum
  • Mason Chock
  • Jay Furfaro (Chair)
  • Gary Hooser
  • Walter Kagawa
  • Mel Rapozo
  • JoAnn Yukimura

The Council consists of seven members. There are twenty candidates for County Council in the primary election, July 27 through August 7.

Charter Amendment information is in the October issue of For Kaua’i Magazine.

Charter Commission provides explanation for proposed charter amendments

Kaua‘i voters will have the opportunity to decide on three proposed charter amendments in the coming general election.

To assist voters with making informed decisions, the Charter Review Commission has provided background information and an explanation for each proposal.

In addition to the proposed charter amendments, five proposed amendments to the Hawai‘i State Constitution will appear on the ballot.

For more information about the constitutional proposals, please click on

“Shall the Department of Personnel Services be changed to the Department of Human Resources with additional human resources functions?” Vote YES or NO.

Background: Varying levels of personnel and/or human resources related duties were historically performed by the staff of separate county departments. In order to be more efficient and better serve the human resource needs of our employees and departments, the administration has over the past three years nearly completed reorganizing all human resources responsibilities so that they are contained within the Department of Personnel Services.

Explanation: The purpose of this amendment is to change the name of the Department of Personnel Services to better represent its current duties and responsibilities, and to codify in the Charter those current duties and responsibilities.

“Shall Charter section 27.07 regarding recall ballots be amended to comply with state law and to meet voting system requirements?” Vote YES or NO.

Background: Section 27.07 of the Charter presently requires recall ballots to designate voting targets (i.e., spaces for voters to mark their ballot) to be “to the right of the proposition”. However, state law requires that placement of voting targets meet requirements of the voting system in use, which may not always provide for the voting target to be “to the right of the proposition”.

Explanation: The purpose of this amendment is to ensure that Charter section 27.07 complies with state law.

“Should the county be allowed to publish summaries of charter amendments in a newspaper of general circulation and the entire text on the official website of the County of Kaua‘i?” Vote YES or NO.

Background: The charter currently requires proposed or approved amendments to the charter to be published in their entirety in a newspaper of general circulation, and does not allow for an alternative such as being published electronically (i.e., online). The cost of publishing the entire text of proposed charter amendments in the newspaper can be prohibitive in certain circumstances.

Explanation: This amendment would allow for the publication of a summary of a lengthy proposed amendment in a newspaper of general circulation, but would also require that the full text of the amendment be available to voters either electronically on the county’s website, or via hard copy if requested. In so doing, the county could save on the considerable expense of publishing lengthy amendments in the newspaper, while also ensuring that the full text of the amendment is accessible to voters as well.

To download the proposed charter amendments in their entirety, please go to the county’s website,

For more information, please call the Office of Boards and Commissions at 241-4919, the Elections Division at 241-4800 or TTY at 241-5116.

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