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Kauai Christian Academy welcomes new Teachers

Celebrating the 41st year of investing in the students of Kauai, Kauai Christian Academy is pleased to announce the hiring of 2 new full-time Teachers and 4 part-time Teachers.
Providing life-changing education for pre-school through graduating 12th grade on it’s 10 acre campus on the way to the Kilauea lighthouse, KCA continues to commit itself to superior education by hiring the finest (and funnest!) Teachers available.
Results count: standardized testing results and desirable 8 to 1 student to Teacher ratio provide average scores in the top 25% of the United States.
Meet our new Teachers (full bios available at www.KCAschool.org):
Amanda Milgrim is the daughter of a missionary family to the Marshall Islands and the FSM
(Federated States of Micronesia). She has taught history, math, and speech in both middle school
and high school. Her husband’s name is Nathaniel, and she has two children. Her daughter Aven is 4, and her son Jude is 6 months old. Her degree is a Bachelor’s of Arts in Secondary Education with an emphasis in History from Northland International University in Dunbar, WI.


Christi Richardson made early childhood education her career in 2012, and began teaching preschool in the state of Colorado. With God’s guidance, the support of her husband Matthew, and their two children, Mallori and Braden, she found her way to KCA. After working in the public school system, Christi feels very blessed to be a part of the KCA family where she can share the love of Christ with her students.


Jason Lee holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Virginia Tech University. He has done IT work for a hospital in Kona and has started his own computer business. He moved to Kauai in 2011. He enjoys surfing, basketball, ping pong, photography, cars, travel, and technology. He is thrilled to teach students problem-solving skills and about how to use computers effectively, and he wants to inspire KCA students to live to their fullest potential.
Nuevelyn Layaoen and her family has been part of the KCA ohana for 12 years, and she has been the preschool aide for the last 4 years. She lives in Kilauea with her husband Jose and her sons Jordan and Joshua, who have both attended KCA.
Reynata Winters has a bachelor’s degree in Family Life Education with a minor in Art, a second bachelor’s degree in Clothing Textiles and Design, and a master’s degree in Education Administration, all from the University of Idaho. She has taught in tribal schools, the department of corrections, an alternative school, and a Catholic school. She has also taught swimming lessons. She enjoys art, travel, swimming, hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities. She is also a cancer survivor. She is enthusiastic about teaching KCA students an appreciation of art and real-life applications of art.
Aaron Moeller is a full-time farmer who grows herbs for use in medicinal herbal tea for Kauai Pharmacy. He is a black belt in jiu-jitsu who has been training for 20 years and instructing in the sport since he was 16. In addition, Mr. Moeller is a former national champion in jiu-jitsu.

Kauai Christian Academy
“Life -changing education”
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