KAUAI INDEPENDENT FOOD BANK LOGO(approved)Kelvin Moniz has been appointed Interim Executive Director of Kauai Independent Food Bank (KIFB) effective immediately, according to KIFB’s Board President, Rowena Cobb.  “We are fortunate to have Kelvin’s experience and passion to ensure that no one goes hungry as we search for a permanent director,” Cobb said.

Kauai Food Bank (dba Kauai Independent Food Bank), a non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization, was formally established in the State of Hawaii in December 1994.  The circumstances of the organization’s birth were nothing less than catastrophic.  On September 11, 1992, Hurricane Iniki struck Kauai and left thousands of people homeless and subsequently unemployed.  In the aftermath, community heroes and heroines first formed the grassroots of KIFB amidst incredible environmental and economic chaos and emotional upheaval.

Initially operated purely by volunteers, Kauai Independent Food Bank distributed over five million pounds of emergency food directly to hurricane victims.  Today, KIFB employs 4 full time staff with a supportive cadre of specially trained and screened volunteers and thousands of general community volunteers.

KIFB distributes over 16,000 nutritious servings monthly to Kauai residents through various programs including Keiki Café, various Backpack programs around the island and Kupa’a Kokua Kupuna for seniors.   In addition, the “Growing Food Together” program  is a partnership with local farmers on Kauai that produce fruit and vegetables to help the many who are in need and hungry.   KIFB’s doors are always open to those who visit KIFB in time of need requesting an emergency box of food.  The “Uluwehi Emergency Fund” program ensures the hungry will have food.

“Educate; Provide Nutritious Food for the Hungry; and Respond to Emergencies.”

Kaua’i Independent Food Bank, 3285 Wa’apa Road, Suite A, Lihue, HI  96766

Phone (808) 246-3809 ~ Fax (808) 246-4737

Website:  www.kauaifoodbank.org