PR-Museum-Flyer“Night at the Museum”

Friday, March 1 5:00-9 pm

Join us for a walk down memory lane with live music from each era:  WWII, Korean, Vietnam, Gulf, and more beginning with the Big Band  sounds the Swing Sisters, Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, etc. The  wartime Club atmosphere will include a no host bar, appetizers and  the opportunity to fill a dance card of the hostesses

[taxi dancer]  lining the dance hall.,classic cars will be on display, vintage posters,  and other memorabilia from years gone by, and you are encouraged to wear your  uniform or clothing from your favorite period, Membership and the evening  entertainment is $25 per person pre-register or $30 at the door. public welcome.

“A Memorabilia Road Show” Swap Meet

Saturday, March 2 10:00 am-3 pm

A taste of history. Don’t miss this once ayear military  memorabilia swap meet for those wanting to buy, sell, or trade  military items from all eras. Everyone is invited. you may see  military collections you have never seen before including:  military uniforms, flags, captured memorabilia, and even  vehicles, but please no weapons. $10 per table for vendors.

Admission is free.

Contact Rhan at  to pre-register for any  ofthese events.

Kaua’i Veterans Museum
3215 Kapule Highway
Lihue, HI 96766

Telephone: [B0B) 246-1L35

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