Ai-Parker-King-Kaumualii-large-webMany, many years ago the Hawaiian people met for a Makahiki which involved fun, food, dancing and games.  Mainly fun.  West Kauai will have all of that again as they celebrate 15-22 February in Waimea.  It is called Waimea Town Celebration.

The people of West Kauai will celebrate their 37th year of community tradition.  The event includes canoe races, paddling, rodeos, music, music and dancing and dancing and primarily fun and laughter and togetherness.

Folded in the celebration will be a fantastic event at the Russian Fort Elizabeth named Pa`ula`ula.  Soooo, come on over and experience the most delightful Sunday afternoon on 16 February.  There will be music, dancing, a 3-act play about King Kaumuali`I who gave the area to the Russians to build their fort overlooking the entrance to Waimea River (where Captain Cook parked his ships when he visited Kauai).  The old Makahiki games will be played – you’ve got to experience the fun the Hawaiian ancestors had playing the games.  Food and cool beverages will be available.  Don’t forget your sunglasses, umbrellas and hats.  Waimea is hot – not only heat, but entertainment.  Come one, come all from all across Kauai and for you visitors to Kauai – an experience of a lifetime you’ll never forget.

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