The Kaua‘i Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) Nominating Committee has confirmed seven candidates for its Board of Directors election on March 18, 2017.

The candidates are, in alphabetical order:

· Juno Ann Apalla

· Dee M. Crowell

· Norma Doctor Sparks

· KipuKai L.P. Kualiʻi

· Jim Mayfield

· Hermina “Mina” Morita

· Allan A. Smith

The seven candidates are running for three seats on the Board of Directors.

A director is one of nine elected representatives of the members of KIUC. The Board of Directors sets the strategic direction and policies of the cooperative.

“Being able to participate in our election process is one of the most important benefits our members receive,” said KIUC Board Chairman Jan TenBruggencate. “KIUC’s elected representatives are accountable to the coop’s members. Exercising your right to vote is critical to insuring that the membership’s voice is heard. When your ballot comes in the mail, please consider your choices and vote.”

Members should look for their election packets the last week of February in the mail. Members can vote by paper ballot, phone or online. Election information can be found at