O table by Lawrence O'Toole

O table by Lawrence O’Toole. Courtesy photo

Made from Renewable Surfboard Foam

 Pop Colorful Accents Into Contemporary Settings


O Tables are created using renewable surfboard foam from reclaimed boards otherwise destined for the landfill. The lightweight, durable material is refashioned into new living configurations using the same technology and techniques as surfboard construction.

Presented in bright, surf-culture inspired glossy colors; the smooth O Tables create sturdy, functional art surfaces. Handcrafted in bent round stainless steel, the bases reflect the light simplicity of a surfboard leash.

Lawrence O’Toole, an architect and designer living on Kaua`i, has been immersed in surf culture for over 35 years. A graduate of Sci-Arc in Los Angeles, he works with an essentialist design approach based on context, reduction and sensation.

O Tables deliver the tactile experience of surfing, the surfboard, into high design as art object. The O Tables are now available from Lot Modern online at www.lotmodern.com

For more information, contact Lawrence O’Toole at 634.3686 or lotmod@gmail.com.