Mayor Issues Statement R.E. USPS Plans For Another Comment Period

Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr. welcomes an expansion of the public comment process that would allow additional input on the proposal by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to relocate the retail operations of the historic Līhu‘e Post Office to its carrier annex facility near the Līhu‘e Airport.
“I was informed by the Postal Service this morning that they will be holding another comment period,” said the mayor. “I am pleased that they are taking the extra time to engage the community on this important matter.”
In his letter, USPS representative Tom Samra stated, “I have instructed my staff to redo the regulatory community input process from the start, to provide a more comprehensive explanation to you and to the community at another community meeting of the Postal Service’s need and the proposal to meet that need, and to solicit input during another comment period.”
The County of Kaua‘i, along with representatives from the offices of U.S. senators Mazie Hirono and Brian Schatz have met with representatives of the USPS on multiple occasions to discuss ways to avoid the closure of this vital resource.
The county offered an array of possible solutions in response to the concerns expressed by the USPS particularly with regard to the site’s lack of parking and access issues. The solutions included but were not limited to the use of county parking facilities and improved pedestrian access.
“I am committed to finding shared solutions and ensuring the maintenance of the existing Līhu‘e Post Office site on Rice Street,” said the mayor. “I would also like to thank Sen. Hirono, Sen. Schatz, and their staff for their support of retaining this vital federal resource here in our Līhu‘e Town Core.”

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