Dennis Wasano grew up on a farm in the Kapaa Homesteads, so in retirement Dennis wanted to do more of what he’d always been around: growing flowers and food. He is the March recipient of the Neighborhood Pride Award, given by the Wailua-Kapaa Neighborhood Association.

On his Annie Road property he grows the spectacular Blue Jade. He has 2 vines that completely cover his 15 x 20 foot trellis. He has approximately 150 trailing vines within the trellis, all heavily laden with thousands of these blue-green flowers.

Dennis retired 10 years ago after a successful career as a chef at JJ’s and Gaylord’s. After seeing a wild Blue Jade plant in Keapana Valley, it took him 6 years to find his first Blue Jade seedling. He had his first flowers 2 years ago.  The plant grows 5 feet a week, so it takes lots of maintenance to keep it under control. Now he’s passing on his passion to his 7 year old grandson, Lawa Brown. Lawa and his Grandpa make all kinds of fun things with the jade plant and flowers.

Dennis has now started a Red Jade plant in the rear of his house along with his Dragon Fruit, mango, beans, cucumbers, and bananas.

Mr. Wasano will receive his award at the Wailua-Kapaa Neighborhood Association’s monthly meeting, from 2 to 4 PM on Saturday, March 28 at the Kapaa Library. The public is invited to this free community information and involvement meeting.

Nominations for beautiful front yards, located in the 96746 zip code can be submitted to or 822-1885, Helena Cooney, chairman.  The resident must do their own work.

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