By Barbara Bennett, For Kaua‘i Owner and Publisher

Horses, wild boars, chickens and mynah birds come together at lunch time on a Kilauea property.

Horses, wild boars, chickens and mynah birds come together at lunch time on a Kilauea property.

Three words beginning with the letter H help to support our thoughts while living on Kaua‘i; harmony, happy and heavenly. Of course, there are a lot of other H words that describe our living on Kaua‘i, such as healthy, hopefulness, honor, humble and holy.

May I suggest including the word harmony in your New Year’s resolution?

Every day that I look around me I see harmony. Harmony is described in many ways. In music, parallel passages in the Bible have harmony, there is color harmony and our hope is for harmony in the universe, more importantly family harmony and harmony within ourselves.

A recent encounter with a young person reminded of this message of harmony. I observed a general conversation at a local business with questions being asked by the young person about products displayed. When she didn’t like what she was hearing in reply to her question, she got quite irate and started making gestures and got quite angry and ended up using foul language. I butted in and said, “This is the island of aloha and we don’t talk like that or give such gestures.” She walked away screaming more obscenities.

The folks that where gathered around the display immediately started talking about the encounter and despite never having met before, we ended being quite friendly to one another. Where was the harmony here? As the observers, we each were looking for a peaceful and meaningful solution and day.

Earlier in one of my Publisher’s Letters, I talked about feeding some of the wildlife in my backyard. That was a few months ago, and my backyard has turned into a real barnyard of chickens, birds and cats.

I have been able to observe this wildlife and marvel at the harmony between the different species. The hens with their baby chicks, noisy roosters, feral cats and newborns, there is growth everywhere. I watch their very respectfully ways of getting along with each other, taking turns for the food. Yes, they scrabble for it at times but the chickens and feral cats seem to have an understanding that chickens first and ferals come after, with the bird life mixed in between. I haven’t seen any destruction among them, just hungry animals delighted with their gift of food.

This story started from the impression of harmony. I realized that what I have observed in my backyard has deepened my thoughts of harmony. Isn’t that what we all want? Harmony in our home with family, in our communities neighbor to neighbor.

Barbara Bennett

Barbara Bennett

As always, we have learned from nature and animals. There is no better place than Kaua‘i to be able to practice peace and harmony in our lives. Kaua‘i exudes such conditions with its beauty, ‘aina that surrounds us and the culture of the people on the island.

As soon as you step off the airplane from the Mainland or other Hawaiian islands it has been said many times, “I feel something different about Kaua‘i. It feels peaceful, quiet, I like it.”

Most people coming from the outside don’t realize just how busy the island is with events, activities, clubs, groups, meetings and more. But those looking for a harmonious life can find it on Kaua‘i.

What a wonderful place to live, to replenish your soul and be happy! Happy New Year, fellow Kauaians!

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