Kaua’i Police Chief Darryl D. Perry, along with the County of Kaua’i Police Commission, recognized the department’s Officers of the Month at Friday’s commission meeting held at the Pi‘ikoi Building.

The Investigative Services Bureau (ISB) nominated Captain Bryson Ponce and Detective Darren Rose for their work in capturing the suspect wanted in a murder investigation.
In the early morning hours of Saturday, Sept. 26, the body of Gary Allianic, Jr. had been found stabbed to death in a Lihue parking lot.
Patrol officers and detectives conducted an islandwide search throughout the day in an attempt to located the assailant but found no sign of him. At approximately 6 p.m. that evening, Capt. Ponce and Det. Rose, acting on a hunch, combed the area near the Historic County Building and located the suspect, Keola Francisco Manuel.
Manuel attempted to run from the two officers but they caught him, and following a brief struggle, they successfully detained Manuel and brought him into custody. 
“In the immediate hours following the discovery of the victim’s lifeless body, it was the department’s highest priority to capture the person or persons responsible for his death,” stated Police Chief Darryl Perry. “Having no immediate leads, officers conducted an outstanding investigation to not only identify the suspect but bring him into custody by day’s end. While it as a true team effort, we recognize Capt. Ponce and Det. Rose for ultimately locating and capturing Keola Manuel, and allowing our community to feel a sense of relief in knowing that a wanted murderer was no longer on our streets.”
Manuel is now on trial for the murder of Gary Allianic, Jr.
Last month, Chief Perry and the Kauai Police Commission recognized Detective Anthony Morita for his response when a man had gone missing off the coast of Makaha, Oahu on June 12.  
The man’s body was found four days later in waters off Kauai, and Det. Morita was responsible for informing the family of the discovery. The family later expressed their gratitude to Det. Morita for his gentle compassion and willingness to be available at all hours to answer questions. They recognized him for making a positive impact during an otherwise mournful time. 
Also in June, Det. Morita was assigned a case involving Electronic Enticement of a Child. During the course of his investigation, Det. Morita identified numerous witnesses and multiple victims. The information he obtained led to him to identify an adult male suspect who was later arrested on suspicion of multiple offenses related to Sexual Assault and Electronic Enticement of a Child. 
The case remains under investigation.

“The duties of a police officer go far beyond enforcing laws,” added Chief Perry. “Detective Morita exemplifies the type of compassion and professionalism that helps to build a better department and a better community, and we are grateful for his service.”

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