The Hawaii International Fashion Week inaugural event scheduled for Saturday, November 19, 2016 has been rescheduled and will be hosted on Saturday, NOVEMBER 4, 2017 to accommodate the many participating, International and Hawaii fashion designers as well as industry attendees, Members of our executive team have decided to extend the application deadline. Granting participants the much appreciated extended time to organize and complete their custom runway fashions to be featured for our FALL SEASON IN 2017!

The mission of Hawaii International Fashion Week is to raise funds for the development of an Arts and Cultural Center here on the island of Kauai. The Center will provide individuals a creative space for the production of their craft as well as an environment to encourage inspiration and collaboration within the local arts community. Educational opportunities will also be provided for individuals seeking to explore the various industries in Arts and Technology at this Center.

We will be featured at selective promotional events throughout Hawaii during 2017. Many thanks to those who committed to join us at POLYNESIA 2016, you will be informed of details of the 2017 event and we hope that you will once again commit to join us in 2017. Looking forward to an exciting and fruitful inaugural event in 2017 with your future participation.

Call Melinda at 652-6878 or Joseph at 855-5604 with any questions.