As the premier higher education institution on the Garden Island, UH Kaua`i Community College (KCC) is a central gathering place for information and discussion about issues of sustainability, particularly those immediate to our island environment.

Helen Cox, Chancellor for KCC, shared today that “We’re all so appreciative of the effort so many are putting into our research, education and partnerships surrounding sustainability here on Kaua`i”. Highlights shared by Cox include that the College is:

•   Offering an Electric Car and Hybrid certificate automotive repair training program, to prepare for the future Kaua‘i vehicle needs, and foster an infrastructure and knowledge base amongst our Kaua‘i service stations

•   Building with carpentry students an on-campus affordable / sustainable living prototype container based home.  This prototype home is just one component of many in the sustainable living oriented partnership between the County of Kaua`i Housing Agency and the College, and is currently serving as a learning platform for the College’s carpentry program, where students gain hands on experience building five duplexes for 20 tenants on State of Hawai`i land in Ka`apuni, Kaua`i.  Grey water, photovoltaic roofs, catchment water, aquaponics food production reflect a sustainable community tailored to island needs, with a nearly neutral footprint.

•   Combining a form of hydroponic food production called “Aeroponics” with culinary arts, for culinary students to grow, harvest, prepare and bring to table with pride outstanding dishes, sustainably

•   Providing classes in sustainable food production methods – such as the “GoFarm” new farmer training program focusing on sustainable ag practices, aquaponics and apiary ongoing classes

•   Currently drafting a certificate training program in “WEALF”: Water/waste, Energy, Affordable / sustainable Living and Food production – to train KCC students for jobs the DLIR states will be available on Kaua‘i within sustainability by 2020 – 15.4% job increase, many within sustainability

•   Deploying with students six additional recycling stations across the campus

•   Offering renewable energy training in wind, PV, as well as bio-diesel

“…our hope is to provide the most appropriate training for our students which will help our students not only fill our sustainability related jobs on Kaua‘i, but to help our graduates lead more sustainable lives on and off the job, contributing to the overall hope of a more sustainable community here on Kaua‘i” states Eric Knutzen of KCC’s Sustainable Living Institute of Kauai called Ho’ouluwehi

Probably the most exciting event of recent at KCC is of course the college winning the national American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) Second Nature the 2013 Climate Leadership Award amongst 671 members. Recently hired instructor Laura Williams explained that it’s “…so inspiring to have partnered with the County of Kaua`i in the research which was conducted.” Chancellor Cox agreed, sharing that “…having similar ambitions which both KCC and the County hold important helps in putting together successful workforce development to benefit all on Kaua`i!’

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Contact: Cammie Matsumoto, Director for Community Relations & Special Projects,, 245-8280