pr-dementiaNext year, visiting geriatrician, Dr. Bret Flynn will be providing consultations at the Dementia Clinic at the Kuhio Medical Center.  Dr. Flynn of the Queens Medical Center on Oahu is scheduled to fly into Kauai once per month.   Residents may bring family members who may have Alzheimer’s or other memory disorders for a consultation with Dr. Flynn.  Appointments are usually available for every third Friday of the month.

Dr. Flynn will be able to provide an assessment and confirm an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.  He can provide consultation, counseling, and provide recommendations for treatment and medication to the patient’s primary care physician.

The Dementia Clinic seeks to provide families with immediate access to both a medical specialist and community resources on Kauai, while sparing travel and expense for trips to Oahu to see a geriatrician.  While the patient is seeing the doctor, Humberto Blanco, the Alzheimer’s Association’s Kauai Program Coordinator, can acquaint family members with support resources on the island and available through the  Association.  Currently, the Association’s services for caregivers include support groups, individual consultation, caregiver training, informational services and a movie series.

To participate, a patient must have a Primary Care Physician and some form of insurance, or assume a consultation fee.  Medicare/Medicaid patients need a referral from their doctor.  Others are asked to give their physician a courtesy call or email to let them know that they will be seeing Dr. Flynn.  That way their physician will know to expect Dr. Flynn’s recommendations.  The patient must be accompanied by their family member/caregiver.  It is not necessary to bring the patient’s medical record, as this information will be collected through a questionnaire.  As the logistics for his visits are substantial and costly, please try to keep appointments once made.  

Physician referrals may go to Christine at Queens Healthcare Center:  

691-8877. Inquiries about caregiver support services or family member inquiries may go to Humberto Blanco at the Alzheimer’s Association office:  245-3200.