Editor’s note: Each year, high schools around the island plan a night for graduating students that is alcohol- and drug-free. It’s expensive to put on, but all agree it’s worth it!

Fundraising is a big component of the event. This is a true story written about a Hanapepe family that wishes to remain anonymous, but has asked a Kaua`i writer to record it. It is about a loving, giving grandmother and her contribution to the Waimea Project Grad 2012 night — a quilt made with love and destined to be in a drawing to be held on May 10 to help raise funds.

"A Grandma's Love" quilt

Detail on "A Grandma's Love," a quilt combining two traditional patterns: Flying Geese and Four Patch block. Courtesy photo

[clearboth] A Grandma’s Love

by Barbara McAllister

Her hands guide the soft material under the sewing machine needle. The needle plate teeth guide it through as she gently tugs at the quilt’s top corner edges.

This needs to be perfect. She’s donating it for a drawing to support her granddaughter’s Waimea Project Grad 2012 celebration. All attending students have agreed to stay alcohol- and drug-free on this important night.

Confident fingertips brush the cotton fabric to smooth away wrinkles for a good straight seam. The gray thread blends beautifully into this Flying Geese and Four Patch block arrangement, both traditional designs. She reflects on her choice and is pleased, thinking, “The geese flying are like these young people moving forward in their lives. They’re taking promising steps into their future.”

Breathing slowly and deep, her whole face lights up as she sees the back of the quilt spill over with the blue and white school colors.

This is her fastest quilt-making yet. With only a few weeks of notice, she had to move quickly and it has been successful. These kids are worth it. She presses the sewing machine to keep going in the names of her granddaughter and her graduating friends for the safe and happy evening when they celebrate their high school journey.

~ ~ ~ ~

Support Waimea Project Grad 2012

What: Donate directly to the fund or purchase tickets for the quilt drawing
How: Mail a $5 check to participate in the drawing.
Or mail a check in any amount and you’ll have an entry into the drawing.
Make sure your check has your phone number on it.
Make your check out to Waimea Project Grad 2012.
Mail your check to: Waimea Project Grad 2012, POB 412, Waimea, HI 96796.
When: Drawing will take place the evening of May 10. Winner will be notified by telephone.

About the quilt

This is a machine-made, 100-percent cotton, 75-inch by 75-inch square quilt done in a combined Flying Geese and Four Patch block arrangement — both traditional quilting designs. It is made to fit a twin bed or use as a throw.

See the quilt

Attached photo shows “A Grandma’s Love” quilt. You may also view it daily until the evening of May 10 at Wranglers Restaurant in Waimea.

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