By Isabella Young

The secluded Lonomea, deep in Waimea Canyon, sits at the end of Koaie Canyon Trail in the Na Pali-Kona Forest Reserve on Kaua‘i’s Westside.

Here we are on this verdant, green jewel, surrounded by a vast, blue ocean, blessed by frequent tropical downpours. Rain showers. Steams rush. Waterfalls gush. Rivers flow. And waves break all around us. The abundance of water on this island gives us a lush life. Water is our lifeblood. Yet, here in one of the wettest places on Earth, most people don’t drink enough water.

Chronic dehydration is a global epidemic. Most people do not drink nearly enough pure water every day. One fifth of children is the United States drink no water every day (according to a study published earlier this year at the Journal of American Medical Association Pediatrics), which makes it impossible for those children, and anyone who is not well hydrated to experience health or well-being. Chronic dehydration leads to medical problems including pain, stiffness, arthritis, asthma, allergies, depression and sleep disorders. Without adequate water, the body’s ability to produce energy, detoxify and defend itself is compromised. The dehydrated body is in a state of great detriment. Not drinking enough water is a serious health threat.

The solution is to drink more water. Pure water, not tap water. Tap water contains fluoride and chlorine, which are neurotoxins. Neurotoxins cause damage to brain structures and functions. These poisons are added to the public water supply in unsafe, untested concentrations. Over time, the ingestion of these neurotoxins contributes to serious mental and physical health problems.

Fluoride is added to tap water to promote dental health, but there is no scientific evidence that fluoride improves dental health in any way. Fluoridated water weakens our immune system and causes calcification of the pineal gland, the master gland of the brain that controls all physiological and psychological functioning. When the pineal gland is unable to function, we are unable to function optimally. It is not possible to think clearly, sleep properly, or feel energized, safe, or well when the pineal gland is calcified. It is not possible to access higher knowledge or wisdom. Research shows that women who drink fluoridated water during pregnancy have children with lower IQs. Water that has added fluoride makes people passive and controllable, and should be avoided whenever possible.

Drinking chlorinated water causes scarring of the arteries. Low-density lipoproteins, known as the “bad cholesterol,” can attach to the scars and accumulate, which can lead to atherosclerosis.

We need to drink pure water, not tap water, flavored water, sodas, sports or energy drinks, or fruit juices. Most of these products are high in empty calories, sugars and other toxic chemicals that prevent optimal hydration and destroy brain health.  Our body needs pure water for health and well-being. Rain water. Spring water. Pristine stream water. Distilled water. Water filtered by reverse osmosis.

For optimal hydration, drink six-to-eight glasses a day. Feeling thirsty indicates dehydration is well underway. Avoid bottled water to reduce waste and ingestion of toxins. Use a water bottle. When our body is adequately hydrated, our urine is pale yellow, our skin is moist, the eyes are shinning, and we feel energized.

When tap water is used for drinking, and washing, cooking and growing food, we ingest the toxins. It is best to avoid drinking, cooking, showering, and watering plants with tap water. Washing and growing all fruits and vegetables in filtered water is optimal. A water filtration system is an excellent investment in our health — for the whole house or individual units for the kitchen sink and shower. Continuously detoxifying our body is beneficial.

Water provides information and energy that our body needs for optimal health and well-being. Water can store memory, according to the late Dr. Masaru Emoto. Water holds memory in crystalline structures, which are codes that communicate information to our body. These light codes are life-affirming when water is encoded, structured and treated naturally. It is ideal to drink water that has fallen from the sky, bubbled up from the Earth, swirled around rocks, and flowed along a riverbed collecting minerals, energy, light and information along the way. Our bodies function optimally when we drink water from nature — water that has been naturally structured and encoded by nature with information that promotes optimal health, vitality and longevity.

Water can be structured when it moves through certain vortexes of energy, light and sound frequencies. Crystals, thoughts, feelings, words, sounds and technologies, including music, can also structure water. Directing positive thoughts, positive emotions, blessings, good intentions, prayers, and written words of love into water will increase its’ beneficial effects. When we treat water with reverence, we can optimize its’ benefits to our physical body, to our animals and to the plants we grow.

Isabella Young

There are many ways to enjoy the healing benefits of water. Water can induce feelings of relaxation and well-being. Bathe. Splash your face. Take a shower. A footbath. A spa. Swim in a stream, a river, the ocean. Feel the rain. Listen to sounds of moving water. Consider the nature of water. Water gives life to all without distinction or discrimination. Water goes deep beneath the surface of things. Water is fluid, yielding and responsive. Water seeks lowliness. Water teaches us important principles to live by.

Water is life. The abundance of water that we receive is the reason for the abundant life we have here on Kaua‘i. We have every reason to be thankful, to express gratitude to water and to do all we can to protect all bodies of water here on Kaua‘i and all around this exquisite planet.

  • Isabella Young is a Kaua‘i-based writer and author of “Feeling Better Naturally,” a compendium of ancient and natural medicines supporting optimal health and well-being. She can be contacted at


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