By Barbara Bennett, Publisher

Caroline Farley

Caroline Farley

I answered my phone, and the young voice on other side of the line was from a University of Georgia student. Caroline Farley had inquired through an email about a summer internship at For Kaua‘i. I reviewed her resume, and thought it would be a win/win situation.

Caroline is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Magazine Journalism in Grady College at UGA. Additionally, she has earned a certificate in New Media, and plans to seek visual emphasis in photojournalism and a certificate in business leadership. She will enter her senior year next semester.

“The University of Georgia has given me the opportunity to learn from some of the most talented journalists and professionals while challenging me to branch out and discover my passions for writing, photography, media, marketing and more,” Caroline said.

An aspiring magazine writer, she said journalism is becoming increasingly more digitalized with the continuing technological advances and increasing Internet accessibility. As someone interested in all fields of magazine industry, from writing to marketing, she said her skills developed in the New Media Institute will help her to become an asset in the workplace.

I welcome Caroline to For Kaua‘i Magazine and to the island of Kaua‘i.

For Kaua‘i’s vision includes supporting the youth on the island and cultivating relationships with those interested in career opportunities. As an award winning publication, we have much to offer in practical experience and deepening one’s educational experience. There’s no stronger experience than on-the-job-training. For Kaua‘i is a publication of excellence in journalism, design and marketing.

Caroline will be assigned to all departments of For Kaua‘i. As an intern, she will be shadowing and assisting in distribution, advertising sales and social media, and will be assigned to writing editorial content for July and August. Today’s youth are so knowledgeable in the electronic world, and our schools and colleges are there to support the learning opportunities and prepare them for the business world.

When you see Caroline out and about, please give her a Kauaian “Aloha” and wish her the best in her endeavors on Kaua‘i and her senior year at college.

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