KPD Dispatch to screen calls for service

Effective immediately, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, Kaua‘i Police Department dispatchers will be screening all incoming calls for service.
The purpose of the call screening to KPD’s non-emergency dispatch number, 241-1711, is to determine the appropriate level and type of response needed.
Depending on the nature of the call, citizens may be directed to complete an online report at
Some calls could also involve speaking to an officer over the phone rather than in person. Moreover, an officer who responds to a call for service may request individuals to exit their residence or business so that they can converse safely with an appropriate amount of distance between them.
“We are taking these measures in an effort to reduce the amount of contact our police officers have with the public and decrease the potential spread of the virus within the community,” said Captain Rod Green. “We will continue to take all reports seriously and respond appropriately. Officers will also continue to respond to high priority and in-progress crimes.”
Photo from a previous story & courtesy of KPD

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