Get in line early at the KCC Performing Arts Center on Friday, Sept. 14 to purchase your $10 ticked to a riot. Brian Kohne has written and directed “Get a Job” starring Willie K and Eric Gilliom, and the Barefoot Natives are on a roll. Two screenings will take place, at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

If even only one of the 21 reviews on the website is true; or if you give credence to the fact that the movie received five film festival awards, you’ll get a bellyful of laughs for your $10 bucks. Tickets are available at the door only.

Willie K and Eric Gilliom are no strangers to Kaua`i and always draw a full house to their concerts and appearances at the Garden Island Arts Council E Kanikapila Kakou series. We know who they are.

So here they are, in a film made on Maui with an all-Hawai`i cast that includes practically every Hawaiian musician you know and whose music you’ve played in your home.

Simply, the synopsis runs like this: William is a hapless employment agent whose life turns upside down after meeting Merton, a local boy who surfs every day in a place where there are no waves.

And that’s enough of a plot for Willie K and Eric Gilliom to get way out there. We’ve seen what they can do on stage; but give them an island wide set on Maui, and they’re all over the place — literally and figuratively.

Eric Gilliom and Willie K from a scene in “Get a Job.”

Eric Gilliom and Willie K from a scene in “Get a Job.” Photo by Aubrey Hord

“It’s been called a madcap comedy, a throwback to the zaniness of Hope and Crosby, Martin and Lewis, Abbott and Costello,” writes Rick Chatenever in the Maui Scene.

“The film is a name dropper’s delight — a who’s who of Hawai`i musicians and entertainers… Lotsa fun,” writes John Burnett in the Hawai`i Tribune Herald.

And because Kaua`i itself and FOR KAUA`I and is family-centric, we emailed writer-director Brian Kohn about what the film’s rating is —might it be cool for the family?

“It’s a solid PG-13 for language — a few f-bombs etc., and adult situations,” Kohne replied. “Kids love the film — but we do not market to them.

“It’s rather tame by the standards of today’s films for high-schoolers, but that said, it’s for parents to decide what’s appropriate. So while it’s not a family film, nor the typical ‘safe’ Hawai`i fare, the spirit of the film is uplifting and not mean in any sense. Journalists have done well so far to disclose to readers the advisory.”

Kohne’s final comment sums it up.

“In truth,” he writes, “our film attracts the same folks that love Willie K, and know that anything goes in the context of music and fun.”

And that’s exactly what folks love Willie K and Eric for.

Says Kohne, “Together, we achieved what many in the islands believed impossible — the completion of a truly independent feature film comedy. We’ve won a few awards, raised plenty money for charity, and had lots of fun along the way.

“Our work has brought joy and laughter to many. But to truly pave a path for island filmmakers like ourselves to follow, it is imperative the production enter the marketplace successfully.

“In the coming months we’ll communicate specifics of the roll-out and ask for help in spreading the word to our friends, family and beyond. I may ask you to add Get A Job to your Netflix queue if you are a user, as that advances our standing with them prior to release. I may ask for you to add a comment on iTunes. You get the picture — lacking a large marketing budget, the independent must be aggressive, clever, and implement new-media strategies to get the ball rolling.”

Kohn notes that there are many promotional trailers, clips and photos to share in facebook, on YouTube and of course on the home page website.

“We will continue to create and share them,” Kohne said.

Named as a Person “Who Made a Difference in 2011” by the Maui News, the Hawai`i native Brian Kohne  is the creative force behind Get a Job an award winning comedy starring Willie K, Eric Gilliom, Augie T, Jake Shimabukuro, Henry Kapono, Amy Hanaiali`i and Mick Fleetwood. A film and art school graduate, Kohne boasts a diverse work history as music producer, sports broadcaster, user-interface designer, videographer, concert promoter, educator and marketer. He is currently writing a new movie Brother’s Kuleana.

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