Joy is the common theme in Dale Rosenfeld's four businesses. Photo by Joan Conrow

Joy is the common theme in Dale Rosenfeld’s four businesses. Photo by Joan Conrow

Dale Rosenfeld — Happy Entrepreneur

By Joan Conrow

Though for decades she’s been known as “the horse lady,” it’s more accurate to call Dale Rosenfeld a happy entrepreneur.

She runs four distinct businesses that share a common theme. There’s Joyful Ceremonies, Joyful Nannies, Joyful Pets and her longtime Esprit De Corps Riding Academy, which serves up joy in its lessons and trail rides, if not in its name. Together, they comprise Joyful Kaua`i LLC.

“For 25 years, one of my affirmations has been that I live with joy and a deep appreciation of the freedom I create and the beauty surrounding me,” says Rosenfeld, who believes it’s important for people to do work they love. She’s also tried to serve niche markets in the island’s economy.

Esprit De Corps, for example, specializes in trot and canter trail rides for experienced riders, though it has a few rides for beginners. It also offers lessons, both private and shared, to help keep costs down.

That option is important to Rosenfeld, who wasn’t allowed to pursue her childhood love of horses because riding “was dirty and cost a lot of money.” She made up for that early deprivation by training and showing Arabians as an adult.  While she no longer trains horses, she is available “to help figure things out and give advice,” including “evaluating the appropriateness of a horse” for a prospective buyer.

From horses, it was a short hop to training dogs. Her methods are based on Cesar Milan’s “dog whisperer” techniques, which emphasize working with owners and their pets in their homes. “I’m not looking for perfection, I’m looking for a joyful pet,” says Rosenfeld, who can assist with behavioral problems, as well as basic commands and improved human-dog interactions.

“I’m not trying to teach my agenda,” she says. “I’m trying to help people live joyfully with their pets.” And because the sessions are customized, it’s often possible to make rapid progress.

Rosenfeld also offers T-Touch, centered riding, healing touch for animals and “dancing chi to chi” sessions, in which she uses horses to help people deal with their fears. She even does long-distance “understanding consultations,” where she tunes in to help people figure out what’s going on with their four-legged friends.

The consistency, kindness and personal attention that characterize her work with animals also come into play at Joyful Nannies. She caters primarily to visitors staying in resorts and vacation rentals, though she’ll do overnight and weekend stints for local families who want to get away. Babies get lots of TLC, while older kids are treated to games, crafts, puzzles and treasure hunts.

“Parents can give themselves the gift of time to themselves, while their kids are still having fun,” says Rosenfeld, who previously worked as a special education teacher.

Her newest venture is Joyful Ceremonies, which she started in response to the island’s need for a Jewish officiant, though she also performs secular, spiritual and interfaith weddings, vow renewals, civil unions and blessings, as well as bar and bat mitzvahs and “family blending” ceremonies.

“For me, it’s about giving joy,” says Rosenfeld, who is a longtime practitioner of affirmations and intentional living. “I’m living my dream.”

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